33 weeks and waiting


It is amazing to me how fluid and malleable time has become. Often it slips away without notice, but if you truly want you can make every moment count for something spectacular. In about 6 weeks we’ll be a family of four. I’ll have Aslan in my arms and Hadley clinging to my legs. I’ll have my precious little lion man, not yet grown into his name, and my wild and fearless girl terrifying me with how fast she’s growing.

I’m currently on the express train for full-blown nesting mode, and I’m not even going to try to resist it. Today we’ll go pick up our double stroller from the store and both mine and Henry’s denial of the fact that we will be a double stroller pushing, “family” car driving, crock-pot loving, frazzled set of parents will inevitably have to end. But I will be glad to have checked the last big item off of our list of things we need to get before Aslan’s arrival, and I can focus on finishing up the work that I have left to do and preparing our home for the change that’s about to take place. I’ve got to finish writing out my birth plan, make preparations for those who will be caring for Hadley and the dogs while we’re in the hospital, pack a hospital bag, etc. I should also do a bit more deep-cleaning of our home, but we’ll see if I actually get around to that. Probably not.

We’re doing some redecorating in Hadley’s room to turn it into a more neutral space that they can both grow into and share for as long as we’re here. I’ve collected most of the items needed for their new, shared space, so it’s just a matter of putting things back into place after they’ve been a bit dissembled. I want to do it all at once so it has more of an effect than just changing an item or two at a time. I’m soooo excited to see it all put together and to share it with you!

I’m feeling really good. Needing to exercise more, fore sure, but I find getting through my daily tasks eats up pretty much all of the energy I’ve got and I just can’t push myself to fit in a workout after such long days. I think chasing Hadley around has kept me in relatively good condition, though I’d like to strengthen my arms and legs while I’ve still got a bit of time, to help me out when my core is temporarily out of order after the c-section. I find that by now most people around me are really starting to treat me like I’m pregnant, but while their thoughtfulness is amazing, I’m generally quite okay to do most things for myself. I wouldn’t mind being a treated a bit more “pregnant” by Henry, but he can clearly see how capable I am and I can’t seem to fool him into thinking otherwise. Oh well. I’ll rub my own feet and make my own tea.   : )

With both pregnancies, I’ve personally found it really important to pick a name for the baby quite early. And while it took us some time to find a name that was just perfect for our little guy, I have enjoyed SO much what having a name has done to my bond with him already. It’s so true when people say that your second pregnancy will fly past and you won’t have the time to be thinking about it constantly. I don’t just sit down and think about him like I did when I was pregnant with Hadley. I don’t go for walks alone just to think about what life with him will be like. I haven’t kept any sort of journal or taken weekly belly pictures. But whenever he moves, and I say his name to myself, I find that his name is so loaded with promise that it knocks me back a little. Aslan. My little lion man. When I hear his name I feel like he will be strong and brave. When I hear his name I trust that he will grow into a mighty man of God. When I hear his name I believe he will do something great with his life. And that’s all it takes, to hear his name, to know that his life is already planned out by the King.

When I had a baby shower with my friends and family in Canada, my mom made me a really beautiful card to go with her gift, and in the card she had chosen three quotes from Narnia that nearly make me cry every times I read them.

“They call him Aslan in That Place,” said Eustace.
“What a curious name!”
“Not half so curious as himself,”
― C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

“I am [in your world].’ said Aslan. ‘But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

And one more which I’ve found on my own that sums up all I truly want for my little guy.

“But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

We’re waiting for you, baby. We cannot wait to meet you.

increasing breast milk supply // natural galactagogues

natural galactagoguesLet’s talk galactagogues. What the heck is a galactagogue??? It’s food, herb, or supplement that aids in breast milk production. I only learned that word really recently, so if you’d never even heard it before, I’m not any smarter than you. If you have heard it before, you probably know a whole lot more about your boobs than I do, but hopefully there’s still something for you here.

When I was pregnant with Hadley I was dead set on breastfeeding. I had certainly heard of women who “couldn’t breastfeed”, but in all honesty I wasn’t really sold on that. I figured that’s what our bodies were meant to do, so maybe they just called it quits too early? I was a first time expectant mother and I was as naïve as I could be. Then my own milk didn’t come in fast enough to feed my 4kg baby and she dropped weight at an alarming rate. I was told I had to give her formula, or they would hospitalise her and give her formula anyway. I lost. My baby was less than 5 days old and I already felt like I had failed. Now, I did fight reeeeeeally hard to get her back to exclusive breastfeeding. It took a while and more will power than I thought I had in me, but when she was a few months old she was off formula completely. She was still a really hungry baby and eventually we were advised to start giving her formula before bed after she had already finished breastfeeding. I was happy that she was getting the main source of her nutrition from me, but getting the calories she still needed elsewhere.

At around 8 months, Hadley completely lost interest in breastfeeding. She could not sit still. She rolled, laughed, played, and joked around but would not eat when it was time to. She was a girl on the go and just would not sit still long enough to breastfeed. I didn’t give up though. I went out and bought an electric pump and sat and milked myself as often as possible to still make sure even half of her bottles were breast milk. It sucked, to be honest, but I’m stubborn and I desperately wanted her to have breast milk a little longer. Eventually finding enough time to sit and pump became difficult and my supply started to dwindle. I was coming to the end of my breastfeeding journey with Hadley and while I thought I may feel sad about it, in all honesty I just felt tired. And kind of relieved.

Now, as I wait for Aslan to arrive, I find myself starting to look forward to having a second chance at breastfeeding. There were definitely moments when feeding Hadley that were so special, and I’m grateful that those seem to be the memories I’m holding on to. But this being my second rodeo, I know that my body doesn’t just produce an excess of milk without me even trying. I know that if I want to do a “better” job breastfeeding this time I’ve got to be diligent in caring for my body and giving it what it needs to make milk. I’ve been doing lots of research about galactagogues and have gathered what I feel are the best aids for milk production that are available to me.

Now, I’m not a doctor, a lactation consultant, or any other health care professional. I’m just a mom who stayed up way too late a few nights, pouring over articles on how to make your boobs work. Take it or leave it, this is what I’ve found.


This one is (should be) a no brainer. Our bodies just need water. A lot of it. And most of us, unfortunately, do not drink enough of it on a daily basis. But when you’re breastfeeding, the need for sufficient water intake is so much more important. You need fluids in your body to produce milk. That’s the bottom line. On top of all the liquid that is required to produce an adequate supply of milk for your baby, you still need to have enough water to help the rest of your body function properly. When you wake up in the morning, you should be more or less chugging water – it will help wake your body up and start functioning optimally as soon as possible. And every time you sit down to breastfeed you should also be drinking a good amount of water. If you make a general rule for yourself that milk doesn’t go out without water also coming in, you should be on the right track. So go out, buy yourself a nice new water bottle, and then glue it to your hand. Problem solved.

natural galactagogues

Mother’s Milk Tea

I had heard about various breastfeeding teas when I was pregnant with Hadley and told myself I’d go out and buy some if I felt like I needed to, but then by the time I actually may have needed it I had totally forgotten and never actually bought any. But in my search of good, natural galactagogues I noticed a ton of people recommending tea that was specially formulated to increase breast milk supply, the most common of these being Traditional Medicinals’ Mother’s Milk Tea. Another that was commonly mentioned was Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Milkmaid Tea. So I bought myself 2 boxes of the Mother’s Milk tea to try right from the start. I bought mine from Well.ca when I was home in Canada this summer. For those of you living here in Finland I know that you can buy both of these from amazon.co.uk, but they don’t offer free international shipping any more, which is a huge bummer. I’m not sure at the moment if there are suppliers in Finland of either of these teas, but I do know that Ruohonjuuri does carry nursing tea from three different brands: WeledaFrantsila, and Sonnentor. They all tend to contain similar ingredients, so just take a look and the ingredients and proportions of each and decide what you think is best for you.

natural galactogagues

Fenugreek Seed Supplements

Fenugreek is probably the galactagogue which most women notice makes the biggest difference. It can also come in tea form and is a common ingredient in most nursing teas that have a mixture of different herbs. It is believed that the oil contained in the fenugreek seed is what plays the biggest role in boosting milk supply. The easiest way to get the best results from fenugreek is to take it in capsule form. Be aware that you need to take quite a lot of the stuff (2 or 3 capsules, 3 times a day) to really notice the full benefits, but the good news is that all galactagogues are used for increasing milk supply, not maintaining it – except water, you always need water. So once you’re milk supply is up, you can stop taking the supplements and you’re milk supply shouldn’t be reduced any lower than what your baby is putting in orders for. If at any point you feel like your baby isn’t getting enough milk and that your supply can’t keep up with his/her needs, you can take fenugreek again for a little while until you notice an increase and then stop once again. Again, I bought mine from Well.ca this summer, but Ruohonjuuri does carry capsules from Solgar.

natural galactagogues

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a fantastic nutrition source that is sooooo good for breastfeeding mamas. Don’t let the name turn you away. This is an inactive yeast, so it doesn’t froth or grown like baking yeast does. It has a kind of cheesy taste, so it goes well with savoury foods and can be sprinkled on top of many foods for a little cheesy flavour and a big nutrition kick. Some people recommend to sprinkle it on popcorn, which sounds like a good idea to me! Nutritional yeast is also a common ingredient in many recipes for lactation cookies, though I’ve never actually tried to make these myself as (to me) they sound kind of gross. My absolute favourite way to eat nutritional yeast is sprinkled generously on top of whole wheat toast with butter, and a glass of milk on the side. Good carbs, good fats, protein and all those extra vitamins from the yeast. I actually reeeeally love this combo. I eat it even when I’m not breastfeeding because I actually think it tastes good and it’s such an easy but healthy snack. I also found that this was an easy thing to ask Henry to bring to me in those early days after Hadley was born when I’d be stuck on the couch feeding her for forever and I couldn’t get up to make myself any food. Nutritional values for nutritional yeast vary from one manufacturer to another, but they are all generally great sources of fiber, protein (and a complete protein, at that!), vitamins B1 and B2, and packages marked “fortified” often are also good sources of vitamin B12. Some websites also recommend Brewer’s yeast for milk supply, though I’ve never actually tried it myself.

natural galactagogues

Pineapple Juice

While pineapple juice is not really a galactagogue in the sense that it increases supply, it is packed FULL of vitamins which are so important for a breastfeeding mama. But, the real magic of pineapple juice is that it contains high levels of bromelain, a mixture of enzymes extracted from the stems of pineapples which is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. While I’m doing my best to block the unpleasant parts of breastfeeding from my mind, the sore, painful, inflamed and swollen boobs of the first few months are not something easily forgotten. Did you know that stress can slow your breast milk production? I’m sure you know that pain and discomfort are causes for increased stress levels. Less stress, more milk, mama! Make sure you buy 100% juice with no sugar added. If possible, buying juice not from concentrate is best, but this is definitely more difficult to come by.

natural galactagogues

Steel Cut Oats

Firstly, I’ll say that all oatmeal is a great aid for milk production. Oatmeal is a good source of iron, and maternal anemia (low iron levels) is a known cause of low milk supply. Steel cut oats (the jar on the left), also sometimes called pinhead oats, irish oats, or coarse oatmeal, are whole oat groats which have been chopped into two or three pieces. They have a bit of a nutty flavour and retain their structure a bit more than instant or rolled oats, so it’s more chewy than mushy when made into porridge. A lot of people stay away from steel cut oats because they have a much longer cooking time than other varieties of oats, but some people claim that there is greater health benefits from steel cut oats verses rolled oats. Prevention.com has a cool infographic stacking up the nutritional values of both varieties. It seems steel cut comes out on top, but just barely. I prefer the taste and structure of steel cut oats, though when I don’t have the patience to cook them I’ll go for the rolled oats. If I’m wanting a treat I’ll eat my oats with butter and brown sugar, but I actually really love heating a bag of mixed frozen berries on the stove and then cooling it off, making a sugar-free jam/soup like thing to put on top of my oatmeal. The antioxidants in the berries are a bonus, too!


The important thing to remember is that breastfeeding is a game of supply and demand. If your baby isn’t making a demand, your body isn’t going to supply the milk. If the demand isn’t there because your baby doesn’t actually need more milk, just trust that you’re making enough and all is good. If a growth spurt comes along your body knows how to compensate for that. If the demand is not there do to poor feeding routine/habits, try to clear your schedule a bit and put some more emphasis on distraction-free nursing time. That may sound silly, especially if you’re expecting your first, but if you’re on the go a lot nursing sessions can become shorter or not as effective if you or the baby is distracted by the surroundings.

Galactagogues are great right after you give birth to help establish good breastfeeding right from the beginning, and they can also be super helpful in those times when you notice your supply is getting a little low, but keep in mind (as I mentioned above when talking about fenugreek seed supplements) that they are not for maintaining your supply. You shouldn’t be dependant on these things to carry you through your entire breastfeeding journey.

All that said (that really did turn into a longer post than I intended) you need to know that supplementing with formula is not the end of the world. It may not be what you want (it isn’t what I wanted, that’s for sure) but what I’ve learned through my own experience and through having really open, honest conversations with moms who have an over-supply of milk and those who just couldn’t establish breastfeeding for various reasons, is that as long as you are doing everything you can for the good of your baby, you’re doing a fantastic job. Breast milk is great for your baby – it’s so nutritious and perfectly formulated for their needs, not to mention you pass on antibodies to your baby to protect them from harmful things in their environment. But if your baby is losing too much weight and you’re struggling to produce milk, neglecting your baby’s need for calories isn’t the smart decision.

So, I hope that you found something helpful here, and that some of the information I’ve gathered can be of use to you, too. Here’s to happy, healthy, stress-free breastfeeding!

our summer in photos // yyteri

yyteri yyteri yyteriyyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteri yyteriyyteri yyteri yyteri

Not long before Hadley and I left for our month in Canada we had one free weekend where we hadn’t made any specific plans to do anything or meet anyone. We had planned it for ourselves, for family time, but then we woke up on Saturday morning and realised that we’d probably just waste the day at home if we didn’t just leave the house and go somewhere, anywhere. I had been talking to Henry about going to Yyteri Beach for quite some time, but unfortunately our schedule just didn’t allow for it earlier in the summer. But here we had the whole day. Free. Let’s go.

We packed ourselves a picnic (we kinda rock at picnics, juuuuust so ya know…) and loaded The Schulman Show (what we call our family when we’re all together, dogs included) and started driving towards Pori. We spent the majority of the day at the portion of the beach designated for dogs, which was actually pretty nice because it wasn’t crowded at all. Hadley ran around with the dogs, swam in the water with Henry while I watched from the shore, camera in hand. The water was pretty cold as it was not a very hot day, but it seems there isn’t much that can keep my little water bug on land.

It’s so fun for me to see Hadley developing favourite activities. Dancing, for sure. Swimming. Soccer. She’s extremely active and I think that once she’s at the age to start organised hobbies we’re not going to know what to put her in. I suppose she’ll tell us, but it’s fun to wonder about the paths she’ll take and which passions are for now and which will stick with her.

Yyteri is such a beautiful beach, it almost doesn’t seem like it belongs in Finland. I know that sounds bad. Finland is beautiful. But to me this beach seems a little misplaced somehow, it’s definitely not the lakeside beaches that are scattered throughout the country. I’m pretty grateful it’s not too too far from where we’re currently living.

our summer in photos // oslo

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I think our trip to Oslo was the first time we really realised that travelling with children is different. Really different. We spent a few days in the city before heading further north in Norway to visit friends and we spent a vast majority of our time catering to Hadley’s needs. Like always, I guess. But after we accepted that our travels would now include more parks and less trendy restaurants, more early mornings and less late nights out, we actually had a really fantastic time.

We visited the Folk Museum, took a ferry to one of the nearby islands, and spent hours on end in the park near where we were staying in Grünerløkka – thank the heavens there is an abundance of good coffee in that neighbourhood.

our summer in photos // a day in the city

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These shots are from June. The summer started off busy and still hasn’t died down, but we managed to find a Saturday when we had no plans and beautiful weather. We spent the day with the whole circus in tow in Helsinki: we went park hopping, I chased H with my camera, we got Fafa’s for lunch and discovered Hadley’s love of falafel, we went out for coffee and our dogs were attention-hogs while we waited for our order (they were welcomed inside the cafe even though Lilu is basically a pony), we grabbed some treats from kauppatori and then finished the day off at the Rajasaari dog park. We all went home exhausted, but happy to have spent the day in each other’s company. I am beyond grateful for days like this – they may be simple, but spending that much time all together is such a luxury in our busy life, and I love love love them.

Oh, well… Hey there!


At the reminder of a close friend, I’ve been SUPER absent from the blog lately. Sorry about that. There has been so so so so much going on lately, and with summer being my busy season for work I’ve completely forgot to keep you all updated. The biggest news (if it wasn’t obvious from the photos above) is that we’re expecting a new baby! We found out this spring and while we’ve definitely been excited about it, I have to say being pregnant with #2 is just sooooo much different than the first go ’round. I don’t really have the time to just sit and think about the new baby all the time. Or take naps whenever I feel exhausted. Or hours to ponder motherhood and how I feel about certain things. I’ve got a kid to feed and clean and entertain…. and probably start potty training for real. I’ve got a house that pretty much explodes every time I turn my back for 5 seconds. I’ve got a business that needs my full-time attention without the full-time hours. I’ve got a mind that I’m trying very very hard not to lose.

But, I’m so very grateful for every one of those things. They make my life and my heart so full. Crazy, but full. Well… maybe I could do without the exploding mess. Yep, I definitely could.

One thing I’ve always loved about blogging is that it’s been a means of processing thoughts. Words just kind of spill out and I get to find out new things about myself as I’m writing them out for you. So, here’s how I’m feeling about the new little that will be joining our family in November:

  • It’s a boy! At the beginning of this pregnancy I was, for various reasons, really hoping for another girl. But God has been doing a huge work in my heart to change that and the day we found out the gender I was truly excited about having a son.
  • Excited though I may be about having a baby boy, I am slightly terrified about being a boy mom. I assume I’ll grow into it, but at the moment I have no idea how this is going to play out. I’m seeing a lot of noise and dirt in my future.
  • We’re naming him Aslan, which after a very long name choosing process we loved the moment we heard it. Using his name already has, to us, given him an identity and made us sooo much more excited about meeting our little lion man.
  • For those who thought girl’s clothes were cuter than boy’s clothes, you’re wrong. I’ve bought so many clothes for him already and I just melt when I see cute little boy clothes in the stores. I also love that with having a boy I don’t have to fight so hard against pink + glitter + ruffles.
  • I am not very pleased about the concept of a double stroller.
  • I have no idea what our trips to Canada are going to be like with two kids so close in age. I have friends who travel with multiple small kids regularly, and I am completely in awe of their superhuman-ness.
  • Aslan is craaaazy active already. He moves way more than I remember Hadley moving. It makes me feel like he knows I don’t have all the time in the world to think about this pregnancy, so he’s there with a helpful kick to the ribs to remind me that he’s there. And my world is about to change yet again.

In one week we’re now heading off to Canada for a month and I get a bit of an extended summer. But so much has happened already and I’ve been really good about taking my camera out as much as possible so I’ve got lots of photos to share with you. I think I’ll try this week to recap our summer so far, though probably more with photos than with words.

Thank you to everyone who comes back to read Vauvasaurus even through our periods of sporadic posting. Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails telling me that they love to read about our family’s adventures and my own ramblings. You guys are the best, really.

Mother’s Day


I always mean to take more photos on special days (like today, or other holidays) but I often find myself capturing more of our ordinary days and just want to enjoy my time living these special days. So I don’t have any photos to show you of the breakfast my husband cooked and brought to me in bed after letting me sleep in. I don’t have any photos of him (voluntarily) giving me a foot rub. I don’t have any photos to show my joy when he told me he’d bought me an hour long massage. I also don’t have photos of the ice cream and delicious coffee we had after eating leftover fajitas for lunch, watching DisneyNature Bears while Hadley had a reaaaaally long nap. Or the trendy restaurant downtown we went to for dinner. Or Hadley’s joy as she Skype’d with both her of her grandmothers. This is the only photo I took today, and it was an afterthought. Because I was completely wrapped up in being adored by my family. And it felt goooooooood.

Last week I was listening to a lot of country music (because as much as I don’t live in the country any more, it is something I will always love) and Trace Adkins ‘You’re Gonna Miss This‘ made me start bawling. There are days that are so flippin long that I am counting minutes until Henry gets home and I can relax for a bit. There are days when I’m so busy looking ahead that I’m not really there with the people that I’m with. And I hate that. So much. Hadley is in one of the funnest stages yet, and I love who she is becoming – but there’s times I would give anything for her to fall asleep in my arms like she did when she was a small baby, and know I need to take it all in while I’m here. Tomorrow can worry about itself.

So just… enjoy. Your family. Your life. The beautiful bits of everyday life that slip by so much faster than they feel.

A Family Outing

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This past week was looooooong. Henry had full days at school or work and then other commitments and assignments all night long. By the time I hopped in bed yesterday night I was just so filled with relief that the weekend was finally here and that we didn’t have too many things planned. I wanted to rest and I wanted to spend some time with my guy. That’s it.

So after sleeping in (a little) I joined Henry + Hadley for breakfast and we decided that it looked like we were going to have beautiful weather so we’d be spending the day outside. After a trip to the grocery store and a good long nap for Hadley, we headed out to the forest for a short hike and a fire cooked lunch. There is nothing better.

Hadley was being a little adventurer and climbing all over the place. She’s taking a few steps on her own here and there now, so she had a blast exploring the forest and hunting for pinecones while Henry cooked. We bought our favourite chilli-cheese sausages and I prepared some veggies to be grilled before we left (hoooooray for asparagus season!) and it was so. freaking. good. I want to eat like this every day.

Henry took Hadley out to his friend’s place to watch a hockey game, so now I get to do the resting. I see snuggling with my pups and a whole lot of Netflix coming up. This day is pretty much perfection.

toy rotation: the how & why

toy rotationtoy rotation

toy rotation

Play time at our house can be… chaotic. If you have a toddler, I’m about 1000% positive you can say the same thing. Having a VERY high energy little means that when she goes, she GOES, and there’s usually a path of destruction in her wake. When Hadley was about 9 months old Henry and I decided that we wanted to keep toys at a minimum, buying her things that would engage her and aid learning, without getting excessive and just having a mountain of toys she never uses. I know parents who have buckets and buckets of toys for their children. And I know others that have very few. I don’t think either is right or wrong, but I do think that managing a child’s access to their toys can be very beneficial to their play time. If you haven’t heard the term before, let me introduce you to ‘toy rotation’. It’s a game changer, people.

The beauty of toy rotation is that it means less toys scattered across your floor (quicker clean up) but it also has some really great benefits for your child. It reduces overstimulation, encourages children to use toys in new ways and engage their imaginations, and they become more immersed in the toy they are playing with and learn more fully about how it functions. Also, as children become more deeply engaged in their play it gives you the freedom to leave the room and do some of your own stuff, teaching independence and the ability to play on their own. Win, win, win, win, win. Oh, and it also decreases the risk of pieces getting lost or ruined. Win.

toy rotation

toy rotationtoy rotation

toy rotation

So, how does one go about setting up toy rotation? It’s suuuuper easy. First, gather up all of your child’s toys. Then you want to take away any toys that are favourites, you want quick access to, or you notice are being used daily.

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

For us, we kept out her blocks, her teethers, and her soft toys. The blocks are kept in a basket on a shelf, so we still decide when and for how long she can use the blocks, but we can access them quickly if she wants to play with them. It also helps us keep the blocks all together, instead of mixed in with other toys or hidden in various dusty corners of our apartment. The teethers aren’t really in use right now, but when she starts teething again, I don’t want to be digging around looking for them. They stay in her toy drawer, but they don’t get switched out with the other toys. She doesn’t have many soft toys, but the ones she has she loves. Especially this puppy, which she hugs, carries around the house and sleeps with. We let her play with her puppy whenever as it’s a clear favourite.

Next you want to sort the toys by function. Here’s some of the categories we use to sort Hadley’s toys.

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

toy rotation

Stacking + sorting, puppets, push + pull, puzzles, musical, sensory, and soft books. We also have a misc. pile that includes all the random toys we can’t categorise or the household items that Hadley has just claimed as her own (remote controls, old keyboards, walkie talkies – she likes to push buttons).

Once you’ve sorted the toys by function, you them simply divide them by however many rotations you want. If you have a lot of toys, your can probably make more rotations. We have only 3.

toy rotation

The toys that Hadley has in use are in her toy drawer in her dresser, but the toys from the other two rotations are in boxes in her closet. We switch them out about once a week (we sometimes forget) or when we feel like she is bored with the toys in the current rotation and needs a change.

toy rotation

toy rotationtoy rotation

toy rotationtoy rotation

Her favourite activity by far is just running around the house with her Brio toddler wobbler. She’s learning to walk on her own right now and is getting better all the time, but she loves using the wobbler because it means she can go fast!

The other thing that Hadley has full access to is books. We have a separate drawer for her books beside her toy drawer, and she is always allowed to get a book. We do supervise her play with books most of the time though, as she’s not exactly gentle with them and we’d like to keep them in good condition. In the past few months she’s really developed an interest in books and I LOVE IT! I adore sitting down with her and reading, and I hope it’s a love she keeps throughout her life.

toy rotationtoy rotationtoy rotation

toy rotationtoy rotation

toy rotation


What are your thoughts on toy rotation? Have you tried it before? Do you think you might give it a go? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

p.s. This is not a promo for Brio. We just have a ton of their toys because, well… they’re awesome.



Hadley’s Birthday Party

Hadley's Birthday

Hadley's Birthday

Hadley's Birthday

Hadley's BirthdayHadley's Birthday

Hadley's BirthdayHadley's Birthday

Hadley's Birthday

Hadley's BirthdayHadley's Birthday

One of the things I missed sharing with you while I was taking a break from the blog was Hadley’s 1st birthday. It was amazing. We worked really hard and late into the night (with a few awesome friends as volunteers) to get all the food and decorations finished, but it was so worth it. It was a party that will not be forgotten.

We had lots of our friends over to our home for the afternoon, including TONS of other kids. It’s so interesting to see how quickly our gatherings became filled with littles. It is a real blessing to have other families with young kids around us, and we have many.

Hadley got some new clothes (including lots of pj’s, which were very much needed), some new plastic dishes because I don’t trust her with the ceramic Muumi dishes we’ve been collecting for her quite yet, and a few new toys. She was thoroughly spoiled, though completely disinterested in her gifts. She opted to bask in the overflow of attention instead.

It felt so crazy to be celebrating 1 whole year of Hadley. The year has flown so very fast and while a part of me certainly wishes I could freeze those little baby moments, I am SO enjoying the little girl Hadley is becoming. I love her personality – she is so funny and loves to make us laugh and make funny faces. She says hello to absolutely everyone she sees. She walks on her tiptoes like she’s destined to be a ballerina. I love that she is developing mentally at such an incredible rate that even I notice the day to day changes. I swear I can see the wheels turning in her head. I will miss her tiny baby days, but this new age is oh so sweet.

My life has changed SO drastically over the past 5 years (moving abroad, getting married, having a baby), but while starting a family young has it’s challenges, I think it has blessed us more than we ever thought possible. I remember when we were expecting Hadley we were so frustrated by how many people told us that ‘our life was over’ or something to that effect. Having a baby is not the end of your life. It’s the beginning of a new life that is so much richer. We love our Hadley Bear to the moon and back.

I am so looking forward to all the joy and new experiences that Hadley will bring into our life in the next year.


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